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Code L-11
Model 1A665-13M
Year 1971


Technical Specification

Max distance between centres 13,000 mm.
Height of centres 1,050 mm.

   • The riser blocks are fitted by the Kramatorsk
original factory and high 200 mm.

Max swing over bed 2,100 mm. (Original 1,700 mm.)
Max swing over saddle 1,760 mm. (Original 1,360 mm.)
Diameter of 4-jaw chuck 1,600 mm.
Main drive motor 75 kW.
Width across 3-Shear bed 1,850 mm.
Height of bed to floor 660 mm.
The total lengths of bed from chuck face to end of bed 15,100 mm.
the length of the tail stock from revolving centres to end of base 2,300 mm.
Diameter of tail stock quill 360 mm.
Overall length of machine 17,668 mm.
Machine weight approx.  100 ton