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Code D-33
Model MBW 56-2H-NC
Year -


Technical Specification

Spindle head  
     Size of the ram: 300 x 300  mm.
     Size of the ram tip: 300 x 300  mm.
     Spindle end taper: JIS B6101 No.50
     Diameter of spindle noses: 128.57  mm. h5/150  mm.       
     Diameter of the spindle: 130  mm.
     Spindle speed: 25 ~ 2,500 rpm.
     Automatic gear conversion: Two-Step
Each axis movement amount  
     Ram slide up and down Z-axis: 1,100  mm.
     Ram down W-axis: 800  mm.
Motor output  
     Spindle (Mitsubishi Electric) AC 18/22 kw.
     For feed (Fujitsu Fanuc)  
     Z-axis Model 40: DC 5 kw.
     W-axis Model 30 MH: DC 2.8 kw.